April 2024 - Committee Minutes

Croftburn Allotments Association
Committee Meeting Minutes

Date: Thursday 04th April 2024
Time: 18:30
Facilitator: India Misick (IM)

In Attendance: Iain McMurtie (IMC), Gregory Metcalfe (GM); Emma Laughland (EL), Andrew Thompson (AT); Judith Paton (JP); India Misick (IM)

Apologies: Maurice Randall (MR)


Matters Arising

  • There was a break-in at the allotment on 3rd of April. Some sheds have been vandalised and all members  have been notified via email.
  • All the new fruit trees have been successfully planted by Alister in front of the main gates with help from Ruth.

Secretary Update

  • The gate was recently fixed in a timely manner by GCC, and all missives have now been sent to GCC. 
  • Following on from the newsletter on 04/04/2024 one member has volunteered to help with St Bartholomew’s School and they were put in touch.
  • We have had ongoing correspondence with Emma Plant from Glasgow University who is running the Pollinator Project. A number of members have volunteered their plot as part of the project, and Emma will be visiting to talk about the project at the next communal day / members meeting on 06/04/2024. Emma has given us full contact details for her workplace and supervisor for security, and the committee unanimously voted in favour of granting her access to the plot via the gate code so that members do not have to be present to let her in. As the project commences she will give us a full list of the plots involved in the study and we will ensure that we have confirmation of consent from all members involved via email. 
  • Discussed nominating a single person to deal with funding opportunities which are often sent from GCC. AT suggested that there was a member at AGM who was keen on this, and to check with MR who this might be. 

Plot Updates

  • 63 Occupied Plots
  • Plot E has now been taken
  • 20 Waiting List Applicants

Treasurer Update

  • The role of treasurer has still not been fully handed over to AT due to a clerical error at BoS, but AT remains fully informed of all balances.
  • £300 was recently spent from BoS account on the new fruit trees.
  • MR currently has outstanding expenses owed – £329.69
  • EL currently has outstanding expenses for new keys – £30.00
  • The outlay for the potatoes for the day was £145.50, and we sold £139.00 of potatoes on the day. There are still potatoes remaining and can be sold to members at the Communal Day.
  • Michael also built bird boxes to sell at the Potato Day with the profits going to the Allotment after his expenses for materials. He spent £25.00 on Materials and 5 bird boxes were sold at £5.00 each. Any remaining bird boxes sold will go to the Allotment funds.
  • A tap, trolley wheels and some accessories for the poly tunnel is still required to be purchased

Maintenance Update

  • Poly tunnel is still a work in progress and more work will be done to this at the next Communal Day.
  • Hub tap still to be purchased and repaired JP volunteered to look into this.
  • Trolley still needs repairing.
  • Water taps need to be turned on, and Gordon has volunteered to organise this. 

Communal Day Planning

  • Committee keen to assist on the day with GM, EL, JR and AT all assisting throughout the morning.
  • EL to arrive early with Joan to set up and write up tasks on the board.
  • Joan will have check in slips to take note of attendees.
  • GM to manage any work on poly tunnel.
  • The Member’s Meeting (2) will be held from 12.30 to 13.00 with Emma Plant from the pollinator project joining to talk about her project.
  • Communal Tasks will include turning on the taps, general tidy up, strimmings, rubbish removal, search for lost shed items, and further work to the Poly Tunnel. 

Ongoing Matters

  • MR to find time to work with AT on drafting the Health and Safety Document for the allotment.
  • The buddy system with composting was discussed, and we agreed that this would be suggested to members at the upcoming communal day, and in the next newsletter. This will be a fairly informal arrangement where micro-plot holders and plot holders with bins can nominate themselves to the secretary to take part in the buddy system via email, and IM will match them with their buddy, or alternatively plot holders can buddy up and let IM know of their arrangement. It will be emphasised however that whatever arrangements they come to informally that they should let the secretary know so that a record can be kept of the system.
  • Harvest Show towards the end of August/September remains to be organised.

Next Meeting

Thursday 2nd May 2024, 18.30hrs