Member's Meeting 3 - July 2024

Date: 06/07/2024
Facilitator: Maurice Randall
Place: Following the Communal Work Day in Hub

  • The rotten wood from the car park is steadily being removed (thanks to Jim and Vivienne) and is almost clear now.
  • Jim will make a sign to ask that food not be left on the front lawn for foxes as other vermin are be attracted. A local resident has asked us to help in this regard.
  • New Locks have been purchased for the front gates.
  • ┬áPlease shut the gates – A member has found the gates to the allotment unlocked 3 times in the past week with the code in the locks still visible – If you find you cannot push the lock shut, try spinning the latch in the opposite direction and try again.
  • The Treasurer now haas full access to the Bank of Scotland accounts and is now full involved in the role.
  • All plots are again filled, but some plots have not been attended to and the Membership secretary will be in touch with those members shortly to discuss a strategy forward.
  • The Polytunnel racking and flooring (Provided by Derek along with some lovely chairs) has now been completed. We will have the policy for the polytunnel ready soon for all members to review and feedback on.
  • More bark is required – we are awaiting our next delivery
  • The Trailer should now be sold as it is not being used
  • Some members are leaving their waste in the carpark, the committee would like to remind members to take all their own waste home with them as it is a member’s responsibility to dispose of their own waste.
  • The purchase of the new strimmer will proceed this month.
  • The Harvest Festival is 2 months away and we would love your support to assist us in making it a great event. A suggestion was put forward to extend an invitation to other local allotments.
  • Thank you for the donations provided by some of our members on the day and those in the polytunnel recently. Much appreciated all.