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Below some tips on what to start growing for the season and some tips for us here in Scotland.

From us all, have a fantastic growing season ahead.

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Tip of the Month


The month those who were early in getting started begin to see something ready to dig up. Maybe even a Strawberry or two have been consumed as has the Rhubarb and some raspberries.

But the growing is just getting underway, nature is in full swing and regular maintenace is required to keep on top of those little jobs.

Plant out your courgettes, and harden off the sweetcorn (unless you have jumped the gun) and early potatoes will soon be ready too. 

Sow the dwarf beans and keep picking to encourage them along too.

Watch the rising temperatures in those greenhouses and polytunnels, it can get pretty warm now.


See you on the allotment soon.

Growing in Scotland

The list below is general and specific to Glasgow. Timings vary dependent on weather, sun and angle of allotment to the sun.



  • Broad Beans (March)
  • Peas (under cloches) (March)
  • Sweet Pepper (March)
  • Celery (March – indoors)
  • Brussel Sprouts (March)
  • Garlic (March)
  • Courgette (April – indoors)
  • Lettuce (April every 2 weeks onwards)
  • Spring Onions (April every 2 weeks onwards)
  • Spinach (April)
  • Swiss Chard (Late April)
  • Cucumber (April – indoors)
  • Broccoli (May – under cover)
  • Radish (May)
  • Parsnip (May)
  • French Beans (May)


  • Rhubarb (March)
  • Cabbage (May)




  • Leeks (June)
  • Squash (June – Plant outside)
  • Sweetcorn (June – Plant outside)
  • Sweet Potato (June)
  • Kale (July – Final position)
  • Broccoli (July – Final Position)
  • Potatoes (July – Autumn harvest)


  • Broccoli (early harvest)
  • Lettuce (June)
  • Radish (June)
  • Broad Beans (June)
  • Cauliflower (Late June)
  • Turnips (June)
  • Carrots (June)
  • Spinach (July)
  • Shallots (July)
  • Swiss Chard (July)
  • Courgettes (July)
  • Peas (July)
  • Cucumber (July)
  • Sweetcorn (August)
  • Garlic (August)
  • Onions (August)
  • Celery (August)
  • Runner Beans (August)




  • Spinach (Sept)
  • Onion (Sept – Autumn Sets)
  • Cabbage (Sept)
  • Broad Beans (Oct – for early crop)
  • Peach (Nov – Bare root)
  • Blackberries (Nov)
  • Blackcurrents (Nov)
  • Gooseberries (Nov)
  • Plum (Nov
  • Garlic (Nov)


  • Leek (Sept)
  • Cabbage (Sept)
  • Parsnips (Sept)
  • Swede (Onwards)
  • Sweet Potato (Oct)
  • Cauliflower (Oct – onwards)
  • Squash (Oct)
  • Spinach (Oct)
  • Kale (Nov)
  • Leek (Nov)
  • Brussel Sprouts (Nov – onwards)




  • Apple Trees (Dec)
  • Pear Trees (Dec)
  • Shallots (Jan – in pots)
  • Cauliflower (Feb – indoors)
  • Leek (Feb – indoors)
  • Onion seeds (Feb – indoors)
  • Potato (Mar – Chit)
  • Broad Beans (Mar – Pots)
  • Celery (Mar – indoors)
  • Leek (Mar – indoors)
  • Brussel Sprouts (Mar)
  • Garlic (Mar)
  • Peas (Mar)
  • Tomatoes (Mar – inside)


  • Broccoli (Feb)
  • Rhubarb (Mar – onwards)